In early 1883, steps were taken to establish a telegraph office in Hinton. A petition was sent to the postmaster general in March. After receiving an unfavourable answer, another letter
was sent asking to reconsider.
The Postmaster General’s answer was that to construct a line from Morpeth to Hinton, including a cable across the river, would cost “one hundred and twenty pounds”, two telephones “eighteen pounds” and an allowance for the Postmaster of “twenty five pounds” a year. He said it was not necessary to spend this amount when Hinton was only a short distance from Morpeth.
Mr John Christian of Mt Pleasant had a private line across the river from Morpeth and agreed to allow an extension from his home, down to the town. The Postmaster General approved, so we finally got a telegraph office.
Six years later in September 1889, tenders were ready to be received for the construction of a telegraph line from Morpeth to Hinton through Phoenix Park, a distance of two and a half miles.