In January 1890, a meeting was held by the Hinton Progress Committee regarding a public recreation ground. A letter was sent to the District Surveyor asking him to come to Hinton and meet the Committee. When he arrived, they proceeded to Mt Pleasant to an area known as Stubbs Hill. After inspection the surveyor said he would have much pleasure in asking the Government to resume this land for a recreational ground. This piece of land, being seven acres and two rods was resumed on the 15th October, 1892.
The Lieutenant Governor, Frederick Darley, declared this land at Hinton to be known as “Stuart Park” on 25th May 1893. That same year the Governor, Sir William Lyne, approved the appointment of Trustees. They were Thomas Pearse, James Stuart, John Bramble, Alfred Searle, James Beattie, William Watson and John Keen.
The grandstand was was built in 1909.