In August 1884 a sad and tragic accident occurred at Wallalong. Two young ladies, Ester and Maud See, were drowned.
The eldest sister Ester, 19, was sent to Morpeth by her mother on business. She crossed the Paterson River in a large boat, but when she returned at 11.00am, the boat was gone. The younger sister Maud, 15, and their mother saw her arrive on the river bank. Maud wanted to go over in a small flat bottom boat, but her mother objected. Maud did go over after being cautioned that the boat was unsafe. Coming back, they got to the middle of the river then something happened, causing them to stand up. The little boat tipped over, throwing the girls into the river.
Neither could swim and were clasped together, disappearing in a short time without much struggling. Their mother and two small children were the only ones to see the accident, but could not render assistance. Both girls were well known in Hinton and were the neices of the Colonial Secretary, Mr John See.