The first Queens Birthday Regatta held at Hinton was in May 1882, as well as the usual sports held on Punt Road. The course on the river started at a flagship anchored off the Government Wharf at the bottom of Paterson Street. The boats would be rowed up the Paterson River then around a buoy at Bowthorne, back past the flagship and around a buoy near the Junction of the rivers, then back to the flagship and the finish line.
A large crowd gathered for the Regatta. The two nearby hotels, the “Victoria” and the “Hinton”, with a luncheon tent on the river bank, catered for the crowd estimated to have been 1,000.
A popular Morpeth band performed on the flagship . Nine races were held during the day, then a Quadrille party held in the School of Arts that night.
The races were: “Amateurs”, “Youths Under 18”, “Allcomers”, “Farmers”, “Shopkeepers”, Bonafide Settlers”and “Allcomers Over 60 Years”.
The Regatta Committee was: Treasurer – James Hesp, Starter – Jonas Foot, Umpire – John King, Judge – William Watson.