An accident happened one Sunday during September 1856 when a hearse driven by a local undertaker, plunged off the punt at Hinton.
Mr James Parnell of Osterley had died on the previous day and the undertaker was driving the hearse carrying the corpse to the burial ground.
Driving onto the Hinton punt, the jolting threw the driver from the seat and with the horses uncontrolled, they dashed off the end of the punt. The horses swam upstream, dragging the hearse with them, but they soon became exhausted and drowned.
The river was searched for five hours and eventually the hearse, with the horses still attached, was dragged onto the bank. There was no damage to the hearse and another hearse transported the coffin to the Morpeth Church Yard.
The accident they said was blamed on the bar on the end of the punt which was not in the correct position. Another accident occurred thirty five years later when a woman and child were drowned.