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Flour Mill

During 1850, Charles Lawn, a farm machinery maker, built a Steam Flour Mill on the river bank between where the wharf and the bridge is now. A lot of wheat [...]

Buried 3 Times

In early 1835 a man shooting ducks in the river from a boat, drowned when the boat capsized. His mates made a coffin and buried him on the river bank. [...]

School of Arts

On the 12th December, 1868, tenders were called for the erection of The Hinton School of Arts building. Builder, J. Coulton of Morpeth, won the contract. Architects, Bell and Franklin [...]

New Roads

The road from Hinton to Raymond Terrace and Seaham was opened in 1857. The road from Hinton to Paterson was opened in 1861. Both were declared as Public Roads. Prior [...]

A new Steam Punt

During 1876, Hinton received a Steam Punt, the first of its kind in the area. This Punt was especially built for Hinton. It was trialled in Newcastle Harbour before arriving [...]

Hinton School Teacher

In August of 1875, a much loved Hinton School Teacher, Mr Cornelius O’Sullivan, died suddenly aged 34 years. He was a member of the East Maitland Volunteeer Rifle Corps. Captain [...]

Baptist Church

A Baptist Minister, the Rev. Philip Lane, arrived in Hinton during August 1856. The next day he preached in the Temperance Hall to a congregation of 150 in the morning [...]

Petition for a Bridge

A petition was sent to the Minister for Public Works, NSW for the building of a bridge over the Hunter River at Morpeth and one over the Paterson River at [...]

The 1st Hunt

Did you know? The first hunt with hounds outside of Sydney occurred at Hinton in July, 1881. The Master of Hounds was Mr Terry and the “Whipper In” was Mr [...]

Typhoid Fever

The dreaded disease of Typhoid Fever had taken possession of our little town during the 1893 flood. The School of Arts was used as a hospital. The building was filled [...]

Did you know?

Tenders for the erection of the Catholic Church at Hinton were called for in July 1847. The church was erected in Gothic style capable of containing 200 people. The opening [...]

Two Clans Clash

A fight amongst two groups of the local Aboriginal people, the Guringia Clan of the Wonnarau Nation, occurred in February 1857 near where the Victoria Hotel stands today. After a [...]

The history of Hinton School

The original school at Hinton was Presbyterian Denominational, established in 1841. When the teacher resigned in 1848, the Board of National Education appointed William Heard as teacher of a Government [...]

How Hinton got its name

Victoria Hotel and Hintons History Geoff Boyle Historian Images found by Chris Rafferty A post office was established on request in 1835. [...]

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