Between 1910 and 1940, England sent seven thousand five hundred boys to Australia as part of the first immigration scheme. They came to be known as “The Dreadnought Boys”. The purpose of the Dreadnought scheme was for English teenage boys to come to Australia to be trained to work on farms. One of these boys was Arthur Wild. He cam to Australia and to “Prospect” Hinton, the property of Mr T H Pearse in 1912, to work on the farm.
You Arthur was the first to enlist in the Hinton district. He entered the infantry and went right through the Gallipoli campaign from the famous landing to the withdrawal. He was wounded three times and after the second wounding, became a stretcher bearer because he regarded that as the most useful position he could occupy. In that capacity he was in active service in France.
This brave you soldier went out, against orders, to rescue wounded under heavy fire and for its bravery he was awarded the D.S.O. and promoted to Lieutenant and granted a months leave in England.
Lieutenant Wild was well thought of by Hinton people who rejoiced in the distinction and promotion gained by his gallantry.